Bewerbung und Laptop

With this learning package, students will receive the most important English phrases and vocabulary for composing a job application. Additionally, tips for formulation will be provided, and possible expressions will be demonstrated through exemplary situations. So-called 'false friends' in connection with the application process will be uncovered, and finally, there is a grammar check with a focus on prepositions.

FächerCLIL, Englisch, Projekt- und Qualitätsmanagement
Erstellt vonDI Thusnelda Reinisch-Rotheneder, HBLFA Francisco Josephinum Wieselburg
Dauer2 UE
Schulstufe12. & 13. Schulstufe
LernzielePhrasen & Vokabeln für ein Bewerbungsschreiben in Englisch kennenlernen und in Übungen einstetzen können
Zusatzinformationen und AnmerkungenThe solutions documents for teachers are attached (Solutions: exercise 1, exercise 2). Furthermore, students can write a job application in English, ideally corrected by the English teacher.

Appling for a job has never been easy. Today, you may need to write your job application with both robots and human in mind. In the following two exercises, you will learn the most important vocabulary and phrases for writing a job application. 

Build Vocabulary and Grammar

Download the document to study the vocabulary and grammar of job applications.

Job Application Vocabulary and Grammar​​​​​​​


Complete the tasks in the two exercise sheets.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2