Vitamin-E-Kapsel auf orangem Hintergrund

These tasks help pupils explain and evaluate vitamins in the nutrient supply of a healthy adult, as well as improve their English vocabulary for discussing nutrition and food technology on this topic.

FächerCLIL, Ernährung und Lebensmitteltechnologie
Erstellt vonMag. Birgit Hermann, HBLA Pitzelstätten
Dauer2 UE
Schulstufe11. Schulstufe
KompetenzenPupils are able to explain the tasks from vitamins for the human body.
Pupils are able to evaluate the nutrient supply from a healthy adult.
LernzielePupils should improve their English vocabulary on the topic of nutrition and food technology and should understand the issue vitamins.


Word cloud

Have a look at the word cloud. First make sure that you understand all the words.
Look up any unknown words in this online dictionary.

Types of Vitamins: Fat or Water Soluble


  1. ​​​​​​​Watch the following video twice. Make sure that you understand the video.
  2. Answer the questions found in the document linked below.
  3. Discuss and compare your answers in groups of three.

Reading: Vitamins, an essential nutrient


  1. Read the text "Vitamins, an essential nutrient" twice. 
  2. Write down the most important pieces of information in a mind map.
  3. Write three questions using the question words What? Which? Why? Where? Who? or How?
  4. Then get in pairs and summarise the text with den help of your mind map. Take turns.
  5. Answer your partner's questions only using your mind map. Take turns.