Tippi und Amerikanische Flagge

Learn about the present situation of the Native Americans in the US.

FächerCLIL, Geschichte, Politische Bildung und Recht
Erstellt vonMag. Oliver Regelsberg
Dauer2 UE
Schulstufe12. Schulstufe
KompetenzenLesen, Sprechen, Hören, Schreiben
LernzieleÜber die Situation der Ureinwohner Amerikas in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart Bescheid wissen.


Activity 1

Step 1 (single work):

  • Read through the questionnaire for 30 seconds and check vocabulary with your teacher
  • Watch the Video We are still here twice
  • While watching it for the first time try to answer the questions from the handout

Step 2 (pair work):
Take the handout from your neighbour and add information when watching the video for a second time

Step 3 (class discussion):
Be prepared to answer the questions in front of the class

Activity 2

Step 1 (single work):

  • Prepare a 2-minute speech on question 10 from the handout.
    Can you think of any parallels to this pattern of loss and resurrection of culture?
  • Present your speech in front of the class