Statue von Martin Luther King

The students learn about the Civil Rights.

FächerCLIL, Geschichte, Politische Bildung und Recht
Erstellt vonMag. Oliver Regelsberg, HBLFA Francisco Josephinum Wieselburg
Dauer1 UE (35 minutes "True or False", 15 minutes "Give Advice")
Schulstufe12. Schulstufe

Summary of relevant information
Repetition of basic corner stones
Consolidation of knowledge

Repetition of relevant actors and their role in the CRM
Recognizing connections between them
Source-study: basic tasks in doing source studies, internal and external critique of sources


True or False

Step 1 (single work):

  • Read through the Text Civil Rights Movement Handout and fill in the words from the box
  • Answer the questions on the True or False handout by choosing true or false
  • Argue in short sentences why the respective information is true or false

Step 2 (pair work):

  • Go in pairs and talk to your neighbour about the questions
  • Explain him/her your answers

Give Advice

Starting situation: You are in a museum and your father asks you about the importance of such a small postcard – give advice

Step 1 (single work):
Produce a written critique of the source (date, location, persons acting, content...)

Step 2 (pair work):
Explain the postcard to your neighbour

Step 3 (plenary):
Volunteers can explain the source in front of the class
Other pupils + teacher complete the information