Cattle Call

Listen to "Cattle Call" and fill in the gaps.
"This is a rural community (Gemeinde), a hard-working community. Most people are somehow involved ." It's safe to call Fredonia, Kansas . Well, on Wednesday through Monday. Tuesdays it's a little more crowded around here. "Tuesdays is ." And while the cattle outnumber (zahlenmäßig überlegen sein) the people who show up, the Fredonia sale barn is . "I'll sell between 1,000 and 1,400 cattle today." Brad Haun owns the sale barn it's his and auctioneer Blaine Lotz's job to bring in the most cash for the . "He doesn't quit till there's not a nickel (Fünfcentstück) left. He gets it all out of the buyers and he's brought ."

Many small towns that dot (verstreut sein) the rural landscape don't have a base. In Fredonia the sale barn where farmers and ranchers bring their cattle to sell is . So what would this town do ? It's not a hypothetical question. "You know we went through a period there where, when Olin Gowens the got some age on him and he sold it. And and the sale barn actually had a fire and was shut . And during that time period, you know, it really, really hurt the community." "We didn't realize how bad it hurt the community. The retailers talked about it. The gas stations, . We hauled (transportieren) our cattle to Parsons, which is for me was about from my pastures."

The Haun family is familiar with the challenges of that . They have been raising cattle in the Flint Hills . "My great, great granddad came here on a wagon train, my for 160 years and I hope that my family's here for another 160 years." It's a family affair, , parents and son helping with the cattle. "I think with this drought (Dürre) deal the cattle are just gonna keep coming till we run out of cattle."

of the barn came to them and suggested they purchase (erwerben) it and get it running again after that fire, Brad hesitantly (zögerlich) agreed. "And it's been a tough old road to go of it but we've got it rolling (laufen) now and humming (brummen). And I’ll sell as many or more cattle than any sale barn in southeast Kansas. This is our here and for five years in a row I've increased the ."

And with only a few dining options in town, the on Tuesdays at the sale barn's restaurant, Michelle. "All the cowboys gather round and sit and visit. And I mean, it's just a nice place to be, you know." "?" "Haven't got there yet. Save the best for last."

If you want to know about the impact (Auswirkung) a sale barn has on small towns like Fredonia, Dan Green. He has a gas station . "And if they sell in Wilson County and they drive their trucks and their trailers to here to get it … then in turn , I sell tires because they’re coming here. And that's what makes it great for our community." Seeing local businesses stay alive is heartening (ermutigend) for Brad. He's concerned economy. "People are leaving town and the kids that , … you know at Fredonia High School they had the smallest senior class (Abschlussklasse). You know there're not ."

But one young person is sticking around (dableiben). Brad's 16 year-old son Trevor has already let him know he after college. "What does he say when you tell him, ‘Hey, I wanna do this some day. I wanna run this operation. ?’" "He wants me to. . And this is what I want to do and I'm looking forward ." Until then look for Brad in the ring, and hot food on the plate. Tuesday in Fredonia Kansas is sale day.