I Want You Back

Listen to the "I Want You Back" trailer and fill in the gaps.
PETER: Hello! ? You have mascara (Wimperntusche) all over your whole face.
EMMA: You actually have like a piece of toilet paper …
PETER: Oh! Do I really?
EMMA: Other side. There. Yeah.

PETER: I just got dumped (Korb bekommen).
ANNE: I wanna .
PETER: What?
EMMA: Oh, me too.
EMMA: Oh, my God! …

PETER: What about this? Whatever we're feeling like we just can't take it anymore, let's call each other.
EMMA: We're each other's Sadness Sisters.
PETER: Well, Sadness Sisters sounds like you're Diane Keaton and I'm Meryl Streep and we're in a Broadway play (Stück). But, oh I get. Yeah!
EMMA: That's a great cast (Besetzung). You should cast plays.

EMMA: Oh, my God. And look at her . This is bad.
PETER: What the f…!

EMMA: He was the love of my life.
PETER: Anne is .
EMMA: And I'm not so sure that they're gonna realise it, not with these shiny new people around.
PETER: What are we supposed to (sollen) do?
EMMA: We have to break them up!
PETER: . We can't do that. … How would we do that?

EMMA: I will seduce (verführen) Anne's boyfriend. … Am I doing this right? It's so wet.
LOGAN: You just take your two fingers. Let it drip (laufen) out.
EMMA: Oh, thank you.
ANNE: I don't think we've met. Hi!

EMMA: You will friendship-seduce Noah.
NOAH: Really funny.
PETER: Was she funny?
NOAH: Pop that shirt off (schnell ausziehen)!
PETER: I'd rather not.
NOAH: I'll tell you what. .
PETER: That's not gonna help me at all.

EMMA: Can I tell you a about being an adult? We're all just pretending (vorgaukeln) that we know and we're hoping that we don't screw it up (vermasseln).

NOAH: Your stamina's (Ausdauer) really improved.
PETER: It's the drugs.

EMMA: I find you both .
LOGAN: Oh, yeah.
ANNE: Wow!

PETER: Look at you. Good work.
EMMA: Yeah, man. I'm a psycho.

EMMA: You are somebody that a person could fall in love with. But it's more like slowly, over five or six months.
PETER: Okay.
EMMA: Or or like a year. , tops (maximal).
PETER: Do you realise the number's going up?