Listen to the "Firestarter" trailer and fill in the gaps.
ANDY: What's going on, sweetie (Liebling)?
CHARLIE: Something feels weird. .
ANDY: You remember the tools we taught you, right?
CHARLIE: Pencil, desk, paper, shoes.
GAVIN: You're weird (merkürdig).
TEACHER: Everything okay, Charlie?

ANDY: What happened?
CHARLIE: The bad thing.
ANDY: If you ever start to lose control, ?
CHARLIE: It didn't work.

VICKY: She's not a robot, Andy. She's , with little girl emotions, which are wildly unpredictable (unberechenbar).
TEACHER: Charlie?
ANDY: She just has to shove (schieben) it down and keep it hidden.
VICKY: Our responsibility (Verantwortung) is getting her ready.
ANDY: Our responsibility is .
TEACHER: Charlie?
ANDY: , they're gonna put her in a cage.
TEACHER: Charlie?
ANDY: They're gonna run tests on her for the rest of her life. We'll never see her again.

WOMAN: Something's happened and I need it handled with discretion. And I need her back alive.

VICKY: Do you know what it means to be ?
ANDY: Bad men are after us, really bad.

VICKY: You're special, Charlie.
CHARLIE: I'm not special. .
VICKY: Ahhh … Charlie! Charlie!

WOMAN: I want to help her.
MAN: .
ANDY: Charlie?
RAINBIRD: Don't be stupid!
CHARLIE: Where's mommy
ANDY: Do you feel that? Let her go or it's gonna get a lot worse.
CHARLIE: Where's mommy? !

WOMAN: She's the first of her kind. A real life superhero.

ANDY: You need understand . It can't be a reaction. It's gotta be a decision. That's the only way you can control it.

MAN: She's becoming .
CHARLIE: I'm not going to jail (Gefängnis).
MAN: And someday soon.
ANDY: You're gonna change the world.
MAN: She may be capable (fähig) of a .
ANDY: Run, Charlie!
MAN: On your knees.
MAN: Simply with the force (Macht) of her mind.
SHERIFF: The whole world's going to hell.

ANDY: Promise me that you'll never use your gifts (Gabe) .
CHARLIE: I'll only hurt bad people. I promise.

WOMAN: Trust me Charlie. .

WOMAN: Please. I can help you.
CHARLIE: Liar, liar, .

CHARLIE: I don't wanna hurt anyone, but it feels kind of good.