Listen to the "Dog" trailer and fill in the gaps.
OFFICER: It's expired (ablaufen), sir.
BRIGGS: Ah, come on man. You know how many times I've been in and out of this gate (Tor) with that.
BRIGGS: What's the odds I'm ISIS (Islamischer Staat - eine Terrororganisation)?
OFFICER: Step out of the vehicle, sir!
BRIGGS: You want me to step out the vehicle? I'll have him …
JONES: Hey! He's with ranger battalion.
BRIGGS: Ranger battalion!

BRIGGS: I've been busting my ass (abschuften) and my body back into a good place. I need to get back in the game, sir.
JONES: You want to get back in the game? Prove it! Sergeant Rodriguez was a legend. Family funeral (Begräbnis) Sunday outside of Nogales. They want his dog at the funeral. You do this .

BRIGGS: She won't work with anyone. One minute she's good, the next minute she's sending three guys to the ER (short for "emergency room").
BRIGGS: So, , dog? Me and you are going to go on a little road trip. Easy! What are you all so scared of (Angst haben)? [unintelligible]

BRIGGS: What is your deal, man? Maybe just take crazy down one notch (Stufe).

BRIGGS: Hey! No, no, no, no, No! You're just a demon. !

BRIGGS: Whatever happened to you dog. You used to be a legend. … Hey, hey …

BRIGGS: How did you make her get out of your hand
TAMARA: I just talked to her. See! She's just a noodle. She just needs to feel good.

BRIGGS: You don't do anything else psychotic (irre) on this trip, maybe we can have some fun. Is that a deal? Shake.

MAN: Lulu! Is that you? .
BRIGGS: You give hugs (Umarmung) now, really?
MAN: Lulu gives the best hug. You've never had a Lulu hug?
BRIGGS: No we don't. We don't, we don't exactly hug.

BRIGGS: So you're telling me that Nuke was just as messed up (durcheinander) as Lulu
MAN: I had to work him every day . When he stopped struggling (kämpfen), that's when I realised maybe I could stop struggling too.

BRIGGS: It's okay. , right. … Look at that!

TAMARA: She's never slept in a nice bed before.
BRIGGS: There ain't no shame in wanting a big comfy (bequem) mattress (Matratze).

BRIGGS: I was hoping you might have a room for me .
RECEPTIONIST: Is that a Purple Heart (ein spezielles Verwundetenabzeichen)? Was she wounded?
BRIGGS: Ah, yes. She was.

OFFICER: You've never seen this dog exhibit (zeigen) any aggressive behaviour (Verhalten) before?
BRIGGS: Never! .

BRIGGS: … Oh my God! I can, .

BRIGGS: You're definitely I thought I'd be in the tub (Badewanne) with but I'll take what I can get at this point, .