f Cyrano


Listen to the "Cyrano" trailer and fill in the gaps.
WOMAN: He's here!
WOMAN: Cyrano!
ROXANNE: Cyrano.

CYRANO: , Cyrano De Bergerac.
MAN: You're a freak (Missgeburt). Freak.

ROXANNE: My dearest friend, I would be very angry with you .

CYRANO: My sole (einziger) purpose (Aufgabe) on this earth is to love Roxanne.
LEBRET: Does she know?
CYRANO: The world will never accept and a tall beautiful woman.

MOTHER: . A clever marriage is your only option.
ROXANNE: I won't be rescued. I'm not in distress (in Sorge sein). Love, ?
MOTHER: Children need love. Adults need money.

ROXANNE: I have a confession (Beichte) to make. I am madly in love.
CYRANO: Perhaps .
ROXANNE: But I've never actually spoken to him.
CYRANO: Of your love?
ROXANNE: I think. … He is Christian, Christian de Neuvillette. He's a new recruit (Rekrut) in your regiment (Regiment).
CYRANO: Of course he is.

CHRISTIAN: A woman like Roxanne wants wit (Witz), romance (Romantik), poetry (Dichtkunst). I don't know .
CYRANO: I am a poet. My words upon your lips. I will make you romantic. Will you make me handsome (attraktiv)?


ROXANNE: Speak to me like you do in your letters.
CHRISTIAN: You are a beautiful flower.
ROXANNE: ! I need more.

CHRISTIAN: You're in love with her.
CYRANO: My fate (Schicksal) is to love her from afar (aus der Ferne).

CHRISTIAN: We must let her decide our fate. .