Bullet Train

Listen to the "Bullet Train" trailer and fill in the gaps.
LADYBUG: Hi. There's a gun on …
LEMON: Shhh, bro. It's the "". Gotta use your small inside voice in here, son.
LADYBUG: There's a gun.

MARIA: Talk to me.
LADYBUG: . You're getting the new and improved me. Because if you put peace out in the world, you get peace back.
MARIA: I think you might be forgetting . Take the gun!
LADYBUG: Every job I do, . I'm not that guy anymore.
MARIA: Some conflicts require (benötigen) a gun.

LADYBUG: Hey, ! … Okay, what am I snatching and / or grabbing (ergattern)?
MARIA: A briefcase. You said you wanted simple for your back. Doesn't get simpler.

LADYBUG: You stabbed me?
BENITO: I will ruin your life the way you ruined mine!
LADYBUG: Dude (Kerl), .

LADYBUG: There's nothing simple about this job.
MARIA: There's something else going on here.
LADYBUG: Yeah, I'm not the only one on this train .

MAN: Lemon? Where's the briefcase (Aktenkoffer)?
LEMON: Oh, I stashed (verstecken) it. … It was just here.

PRINCE: We are right .
MAN: Everything that's ever happened to you …
WOMAN: This is gonna sting (brennen), bitch (Mistkerl)!
MAN: Has led you here. … Fate (Schicksal)!
LADYBUG: That's a .

ATTENDANT: [speaking Japanese]
TANGERINE: Oh, no thank you.
LADYBUG: You know what? Do you have ? That's the one, thanks. Domo arigato (Japanese for "thanks a lot"). … You sure you don't wanna talk this out?
TANGERINE: Not particularly, no.