The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Listen to the "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent" trailer and fill in the gaps.
AGENT: Nick, you've been living at the Sunset Tower .
CAGE: They love having me there.
AGENT: You owe them six hundred thousand dollars.
CAGE: Okay, I'm gonna deal with all that. I'm gonna get this nex role. And , all of that changes. Then !
AGENT: Not that you went anywhere.

VIVIAN: Nicolas Cage! Oh, my God! .
CAGE: Okay, thanks.
VIVIAN: He was so good in "The Rock"!
MAN: What about "Gone in 60 Seconds"?
VIVIAN: "Croods 2"?
MAN: No. I'm forty-four years old. Why would I see "Croods 2"? I've seen "Face/Off" and "Con Air".

AGENT: We've got another offer.
AGENT: You head to southern Spain and you attend a wealthy (reich) gentleman's .
CAGE: I would never do that.
AGENT: It's a million bucks (slang for "dollars"), Nick.

CAGE: The guy that owns this house, ?
JAVI: Javi.
CAGE: Yeah, Javi.
JAVI: Mister Cage …
CAGE: Excuse me. Is Javi going to want me to, you know?
JAVI: I understand.
CAGE: Look, if Javi …
JAVI: I'm Javi!
CAGE: Nick Cage!

WOMAN: Nicholas Cage? … That's fucking cool!

JAVI: I'm so happy that you're here.
CAGE: Is this supposed to be me? It's grotesque. I'll give you twenty thousand for it.

MAN: [unintelligible]

CAGE: What have you got there?
JAVI: Divine inspiration (göttliche Eingebung)!

JAVI: I'm paranoid (verrückt).
CAGE: Let's just get up on the count of three (bei drei) and run.

JAVI: They're coming!
CAGE: Grab (fassen) my hand! … Oh, my God! You're heavier than you look
JAVI: . … You go!
CAGE: I'll never forget you, Javs.

JAVI: Mister Cage? we could have just walked around.
CAGE: Well, I guess so.