The Lost City

Listen to the "The Lost City" trailer and fill in the gaps.
VILLAIN: You led me straight to the Lost City. Now !
LORETTA: There were just hundreds of snakes in this temple just waiting for us to show up?
ALAN: What? Why aren't they biting that guy.
LORETTA: This is ridiculous. Delete, delete, delete!

AGENT: Listen, Loretta! We need you to promote on The Lost City. You can't spend your life in the bathtub drinking Chardonnay with ice.

ANNOUNCER: , the world's sexiest cover model: Dash …!

LORETTA: You do know you're not Dash, right? Dash is a character .
FAN: Dash!
LORETTA: Oh my god! … Oh, crap (scheiße)!

FAIRFAX: Miss Sage! I enjoyed your book about The Lost City and I believe you're the one find its treasure (Schatz).
LORETTA: I have to respectfully decline (ablehnen).
FAIRFAX: I'm afraid .

LORETTA: Unchain (entketten) me!
FAIRFAX: That's your seatbelt.

AGENT: Loretta Sage is missing.
ALAN: I'm gonna rescue her. I just want her to think of me as more than a cover model

LORETTA: Allen? ?
ALAN: I'm here to save you. I'm certified CPR (Wiederbeleber). I'm certified Crossfit. I have snacks.
FAIRFAX: After them!

ALAN: This is like your book. We're on the Lovemore and Dash adventure right now. I'm gonna help you out a little bit. Let's go!
LORETTA: What are you doing? Don't do that! Oh God! Get out of there!

LORETTA: This is not a romance novel. Jungles eat people like us.
ALAN: Ah! ? Get it off! I can feel them sucking my soul.
LORETTA: Give me a second. Could you stop speaking. Just stop speaking!
ALAN: It feels like there's more …
LORETTA: Holy mother of God. Ah!
ALAN: They're just sucking like a big old Jamba Juice.

LORETTA: We're so close! I could actually find The Lost City.

AGENT: If i don't get to this island, my friend are going to die.


RESCUER: Loretta Sage. I'm getting you out of here.
RESCUER: My dad was a weatherman.
ALAN: Hey, oh! She doesn't need saving in there.