Listen to the "Scream" trailer and fill in the gaps.
TARA: , Amber.
GHOSTFACE: Would you like , Tara?

SECURITY SYSTEM: Doors unlocked (entriegelt).
TARA: Oh, my God!
SECURITY SYSTEM: All doors locked. … .

SIDNEY: Hello?
DEWEY: It's happening. . Do you have a gun?
SIDNEY: I'm Sydney Prescott. .

DEWEY: Something about this one .

SIDNEY: Samantha? I'm …
SAM: .
SIDNEY: I've been through this. A lot! , which means that whoever this is is gonna keep coming for you.

GALE: For this? Never.

MAN: No, stop. Wait, wait wait! …

DEWEY: There's to surviving (Überleben).

SAM: The attacks were all on people related (verbunden) to the original killers.

SIDNEY: Whatever his link is , it's pulled us all back here. And I won't sleep until he's in the ground.

SAM: Look out (Achtung)!

GHOSTFACE: Hello, Sidney! .