After Yang

Listen to the "After Yang" trailer and fill in the gaps.
JAKE: Come on, Yang. ? Come, come on!

MAN: What happened to Yang?
JAKE: I don't know. Shut down last night and he won't restart.
MAN: ?

KYRA: If we can't get Yang fixed, I'm not gonna buy another sibling (Bruder) for Mika.

MAN: It is an interior core (Kern) problem. to break open the core. … We've always known that some bots are equipped (ausgestattet) with spyware. You might not want this bot anymore.

YANG: I wish I had a real memory.

JAKE: Did you want ?
ADA: That's such a human thing to ask, isn't it?

YANG: May I be honest with you.
KYRA: Wait, is not being honest an option for you?

MIKA: Do you want him back?
KYRA: Of course I do.
JAKE: . I just need a little more time.

MIKA: What are you watching?

ADA: Come on!