Kong - Skull Island

Listen to the "Kong - Skull Island" trailer and fill in the gaps.
SCIENTIST: in the South Pacific.
PACKARD: The place where math and science meet.
SCIENTIST: We use explosives (Sprengstoff) to shake the earth, the surface (Oberfläche) of the island.
CONRAD: You’re dropping (werfen) bombs.

CHAPMAN: Is that a monkey?
CONRAD: [unintelligible]

RANDA: [unintelligible]

PACKARD: You knew that thing was out here?
RANDA: , colonel. But if you wanna make the sacrifice (Opfer) worthwhile (lohnenswert), with proof. !

ISLANDER: Woh, woh, woh, …! .

MILL: What the hell is this place?
ISLANDER: That’s Kong. . Kong’s a pretty good king. Keeps to himself (für sich bleiben) mostly, but you don’t go into someone’s house unless you’re picking a fight (Streit provozieren). … Kong’s god on the island, but the devils live below us.
ISLANDER: I call them skull (Totenschädel) crawlers (Kriecher).
ISLANDER: I’ve never said that name out loud before, it sounds stupid now that I say it. Just you call them .

ISLANDER: This is a . We’re all going to die together out here. Hahaha! !