Listen to the "Gifted" trailer and fill in the gaps.
MARY: Please don’t make me go, you can keep homeschooling (zuhause unterrichten) me.
FRANK: . No more argument, okay? We've discussed this ad nauseam (zur Genüge).
MARY: What’s "ad nauseam"?
FRANK: ? Well, it looks like someone needs school.

CHILDREN: Good morning, Miss Stevenson.
BONNIE: what three plus three is?
MARY: Everyone knows it’s six.
BONNIE: Mary, can you stand up please? Can you tell me what fifty-seven multiplied by one hundred and thirty-five is?
BONNIE: Okay. Who can …
MARY: Seven thousand six hundred and ninety-five. The square root (Quadratwurzel) is eighty-seven point seven and change (und Etwas). Now what does "ad nauseam" mean?

BONNIE: I think your niece may be gifted (begabt).

HEADMASTER: with the headmaster of the Oaks Academy for Gifted Education.
FRANK: No, I promised my sister I’d give Mary a normal life. I think she’s got to be here.

MARY: Who’s that lady ?
FRANK: That would your grandmother.
MARY: Holy sh…

EVELYN: It's a MacBook darling.
EVELYN: You are denying (verweigern) the girl her potential. How many seven year-olds are doing advanced calculus (Rechnung)?

MARY: You forgot the negative (Minuszeichen) on the exponent (Hochzahl).
SEYMORE: Mary, why didn’t you say anything?
MARY: Frank says I’m not supposed . Nobody likes a smartass (Klugscheisser).

AUBREY: We petition (erbitten) the court (Gericht) to grant (gewähren) my client full custody (Sorgerecht) of the child.
MARY: No, no!

FRANK: You’re going to take that girl, you’re going to loan her out (ausleihen) to some think tank (Ideenschmiede) where she can talk nontrivial zeros (nicht triviale Nullstellen) with a bunch (Haufen) of old Russian guys .
EVELYN: And you’d bury (vergraben) her under a rock.
FRANK: Evelyn, stop! I’m raising her how I believe Diane would have wanted.

ROBERTA: If anybody takes that baby away, I’ll smother (ersticken) you in your sleep.

FRANK: My sister wanted Mary . She wanted her to have friends .
AUBREY: Tell us, do you have health insurance (Krankenversicherung)?
AUBREY: Did you spend the night in jail (Gefängnis)?
GREG: Objection (Einspruch)!

FRANK: That I’ll ruin Mary’s life.

EVELYN: Mary. … Mary!

MARY: She’s bossy (rechthaberisch).

MARY: He’s a good person. He wanted me .