Listen to the "Ferdinand" trailer and fill in the gaps.
FERDINAND: It seems like from the moment you’re born people think they got you all figured out (durchschauen), based on , how you talk, where you’re from. But , especially when it comes to me. I’m a little bit more complex. … I’m Ferdinand. You look at me and think, “big,” you think, “scary,” you think, “Well, at least he’s not in the china shop (Porzellanladen).” Oh, no! … Baby steps. Baby steps. . … Sorry!

UNA: Ferdinand!

UNA: You don’t need to be a fighting bull. You like a fighting bull.
LUPE: You see that barrel (Fass) over there, !
FERDINAND: With my head?
LUPE: What else're you going to hit it with?

FERDINAND: Come on, little guy! Come on! … Sorry ! … Ow!