The Fate of the Furious

Listen to the "The Fate of the Furious" trailer and fill in the gaps.
TEJ: They’re still on us.
ROMAN: These guys are taking this personal!
LETTY: You were only supposed (sollen) to create a diversion (Ablenkungsmanöver), Roman!
TEJ: .
ROMAN: What do you want from me! I’m Roman Pearce, man! It’s what I do!
DOMINIC: Phase 2!
ROMAN: Phase 2? What’s phase 2?
TEJ: Bomb's away.
ROMAN: Holy shit!

CIPHER: You know what I like about you, Dom? You’re a genuine (wahr) outlaw (Bandit). But your family …
HOBBS: A hell of a job, brother. When we get back to the base, the beer's on me.
CIPHER: is about to go up : you! … Did you ever think you’d betray (verraten) your family ?

HOBBS: Dominic Toretto just turned on us.

DECKARD: Well, well, well. Would you look at that?

LETTY: , but that wasn’t Dom.

MR NOBODY: She’s the very definition of hi-tech terrorism. And now .

DOMINIC: I think I found my team.
CIPHER: This should be interesting.
DOMINIC: You wanna play like that?

MR NOBODY: Which is why you’re gonna need a little help.

HOBBS: I will beat you like a Cherokee drum (Trommel der Cherokee)!
MR NOBODY: Well it took longer .

MR NOBODY: If you’re gonna catch Dom, .
DECKARD: Surprise!

ROMAN: I just found love.
TEJ: I’ve been waiting for this. We got a tank (Panzer).


HOBBS: I don’t know if the old Dom is in there, but I don’t give a damn (sich nicht darum scheren). . Toretto, let’s play!

TEJ: I don’t know! Maybe because you’re in an orange Lamborghini!
ROMAN: , Tej!

ROMAN: Oh shit!
HOBBS: We’re gonna need a bigger truck!

LETTY: Dom! Are you gonna turn ?