Baby Driver

Listen to the "Baby Driver" trailer and fill in the gaps.
DEBORAH: So are you just starting your day or did you just get off (aufhören)?
BABY: They call, I go, you know.
DEBORAH: Oh, like a chauffeur? Anyone I’d know?
BABY: I hope not.
BABY: Baby.
DEBORAH: . B-A-B-Y, Baby.

BATS: This's the one you say listen to the music all the time?
GRIFF: I mean is he mental (verrückt)?
DOC: Mental meaning slow, ?
DOC: He had an accident . Still has the hum in the drum (Summen im Ohr). Plays music to drown it out (übertönen). And that’s .

BABY: and I’m done.
DOC: One more job and we're straight (quitt sein).

DOC: Now I don’t think I need to give you the speech about what will happen no or how I could break your legs and kill everyone you love. Because , don’t you?
BABY: Yeah.
BATS: The moment you catch feelings is the moment you .
DOC: And your waitress girlfriend, she’s cute. Let’s keep it that way!

BABY: I want us to head (gehen) west and never stop. Are you in?

GRIFF: One of these days, Baby, you’re gonna get .
Buddy: Time to face (konfrontieren mit) the music.

DEBORAH: Baby, we need to get out of here.

BATS: Are we in bed together now?
GRIFF: Baby?!
BATS: Baby?
DOC: Baby.

MAN: Doc said, “Michael Myers”.
JD: This is Mike Myers.
BATS: It should be .
JD: This is a Halloween mask!
BATDS: No, the killer dude from Halloween!
JD: Oh, you mean Jason.

DOC: Baby, you tell me who dies.

BUDDY: Is she a good girl, do you love her?
BABY: Yes, I do.
BUDDY: That’s .