Mixed Rules 01

Put into indirect speech.
01. Liz has just said, "I can't come to your party. I must take care of little Ben."

02. She said, "I am going to spend my next weekend in the mountains."

03. They feared, "We might be late."

04. Bill told me, "I could not send my girlfriend any flowers because the flower shop was closed."

05. Father said, "We must repair the fence the next summer."

06. Mum is sure, "The train arrives at one, so there is plenty of time."

07. Aunt Judy told us, "Come and visit me again!"

08. Tom said, "If I had more time, I would go to the concert the next Friday."

09. He said to me, "Peter would like to party on the next weekend."

10. I've just told my parents, "I will have a garden party in the next holidays."