Indirect Commands and Polite Requests 01

Write indirect commands / polite requests in the past by using the reporting verbs in the brackets. Only use to ... constructions.
01. Robert: "Roger, could you open the door?" - (ask)
02. The teacher to the pupils: "Open the book!" - (command)
03. Mum to me: "Please stay at home!" - (want)
04. Roger: "Don't do this, Jennifer!" - (tell)
05. Sue to John: "Please give me your phone number!" - (want)
06. Teacher to Christopher: "Stop this now!" (command)
07. Mother to her child: "Don't go over this street!" (tell)
08. Roger: "Pete, could you phone your girlfriend?" (ask)
09. Father: "Good morning, Christopher!" (wish)
10. Policeman to robber: "Stay where you are!" (command)