Change of Tenses 02

Insert the missing tenses.
01. "I can do it." - Roger was sure that he it.
02. "I have never been there." - She says that she there.
03. "I would not do this if I were in your place." - The teacher said that he that if he were in my place.
04. "I am here." - My brother has just cried that he there.
05. "The Danube flows through Vienna." - Sue explained me that the Danube through Vienna.
06. "If I had lots of money, I would buy a new car." - My father said that if he lots of money, he would buy a new car.
07. "Roger is walking in the garden." - Bob reported that Roger in the garden.
08. "I was in my office." - Mrs Miller told us that she in her office.
09. "It has been snowing for days." - Peter mentioned that it for days.
10. "You should do it." - Joe advised me that I do it.