Change of Tenses 01

Insert the missing tenses.
01. "I don't like rice." - Peter told me that he rice.
02. "I have never been to London." - Romana said that she to London.
03. "Water boils if it is heated." - The teacher explained that water if it is heated.
04. "I want some ice cream." - My sister says that she some ice cream.
05. "You will have to do that." - He explained me that I that.
06. "If I had a million, I would travel." - My granny announced that if she had a million, she .
07. "He was having great fun." - We realised that he great fun.
08. "The train is late." - The speaker has just announced that the train late.
09. "It had been raining all day." - Peter mentioned that it all day.
10. "I will be late." - Joe realised that he late.